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Collection Highlight


Passionate Beings: Contemporary Ceramics of Museum

The tears and smiles we see are such moving things which embellish our lives: the laughter of children, the murmurings of lovers and the endless reminders of parents, all are imprinted at the bottom of our heart. The movement and action we accomplished in life is tempting: the grace of a sitting or lying human body, the power emanated from a body in motion and the rhythm of a body while dancing. These movements and actions are the beauties that enrich our spirit. For a ceramist, the ceramics can not only imitate the elasticity of human muscles, but the smooth surface of a ceramic piece is also suitable to represent the skin and flesh. As ceramics is one of the best materials to reproduce humans’ emotions, the Yingge Ceramics Museum has selected 35 pieces of its own collection for the exhibition titled “Passionate Beings”. All these pieces are chosen for their “humanistic” characteristics.