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Collection Highlight


Boundless : Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, 2008 (part collections)

By virtue of the present exhibition's international search for artworks,the contemporary styles and latest trends in ceramic art around the world is displayed before our eyes.Upon careful analysis of the themes and creative ideas among the finalists,we discover four distinctive features of their mode of expression:(1)a return to the practicality of ceramics and the spirit of craftsmanship-a desire to express the beauty and utility of the vessel;(2)exploring the possibilities and aesthetics of three-dimensional form through sculptural works in the ceramics medium;(3)using ceramics as a medium for conceptual appeal,to reflect social realities and express concern for culture.The previous three categories have long been focuses of expression in ceramics.As for(4),this began recently with the popularity of object assemblies or installations.Works of this category form powerful visual and emotional tension through the interactive relations among object,environment,and viewer.