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Established in 2004, the organization of “Taiwan Ceramics Biennale” has adopted an innovative and unparalleled model in 2008 – every 4 years a session with exhibition curating competition and artwork competition by turns – under the guidance of New Taipei City government as to explore different aspects and possibilities of ceramics. The artwork competition in particular, does not simply award the prizes but offer solo show and artist-in-residence program opportunities to the honored artists to share their spectacular skills and creativity with Taiwan whilst to obtain the endless energy of beauty from this Formosa.
The artwork competition has never tried to limit the possibilities of artworks or the great potentials of artists by themes. The theme for 2016 biennale “Concept” follows the macro-perspectives tradition as it was for 2008 “Boundless”, representing the infinite possibilities of arts, and for 2012 “Ceramic Visions”, standing for manifestation and observation of ceramic art. “Concept” is meant to lift the limitation on creation motif, embodying the diversified and multi-faceted feature of ceramic art.
The Biennale, as the bridge connecting Taiwan and the world, has three aims, including providing a platform for ceramic talents and lovers, collecting distinctive artworks with unique visions and ideas, and presenting the status quo of ceramic art development around the globe. Over the years, it has not only cemented Taiwan’s position in international contemporary ceramic art but also brought Yingge, where the Museum is located, to become one major global ceramic art hub.
2016 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale “Concept” is the spectacular outcome of 2 years endeavor, from promotion, call for entry to selection and exhibition. The participant geography covers all major continents, including 369 artists from 48 countries. Jury panel is formed with 7 international professionals, including Chen Chun-lan (Director of New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum), Lin Pin (Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum), Fan Cheng-chin and Shao Ting-ju (professional ceramic artists), Ranti Tjan (Director of European Ceramic Workcentre- Sundaymorning@ekwc), Linda Sikora (Professor of Alfred University, USA ), and Kwanho Woo (Professor of Hongik University, Korea). The preliminary selection was conducted by ranking on the scores that were graded by each juror based on the images provided by participant artists. And all jury members were invited to Taiwan to evaluate the selected 122 pieces of original artworks from over 30 countries on November 8th and 9th, 2015. The final decision on 20 winning works, including 2 grand prize, 2 gold prize, 2 silver prizes, 2 bronze prizes, 5merit prizes and 7 juror’s recommendation prizes, was eventually made after several rounds of voting and discussion.
My Brain
Cynthia O'Brien
Kobayashi Chie
Cloud Shell
Komiya Yukina
"Zoom" teaware
Mandy Cheng
Heide Nonnenmacher
Lighted vessel
Jo WonJae
Momoko Takeshita-Keane
Ismet Yuksel
Mauro De Morais
Basking Yellow
Reid Flock
Being I
Mee-Sun Kim Park
Organic Object
Hasan Şahbaz
Forma Abatida XXXI
Gregorio Peño Velasco
Be Still Life
Lorraine Robson
Marta Armada Rodríguez
Martin Harman
Coloured clay vase
Crispin McNally
Marc Leuthold
Velimir Vukicevic
Inside Voice & The Leaf
Mária Geszler Garzuly
Andrea Barker
Confrontation of Scenery
Wang, Sheng-li
Peng, Qian
Jeong SoI
Cell. Wandering (1)
Chen, Chia-feng
The Bony Hour
Lao, Hon-wah
Come love whilst my heart praise thee
Fabio Amoroso
Angela Burkhardt-Guallini
Be breathing
Chun Ayoung
Relational Forms
Mark Goudy
John Albert Murphy
Stationary object
Cho Yeonye
White Seed Pod
Adele Howitt
Going for a picnic
Abdon Zani
Ray Chen
core disc 2
Martin McWilliam
Stillness of the Wind
Jin, Zhen-hua
Tea Time
Ronit Baranga
Indigo Blue Shino Vase
Sakai Hiroshi
Liu, Yan-Bing
Good Fortune III
Iris Alemany Lozano, Agreda Laura Martinez
Akinaga Kunihiro
Fragmented GeoScape
David Binns
Paula Murray
Breaking Free
Kalin Luy Ken
Pot of Earth
Kurokawa Toru
Constructing Landscape Series VII
Chiow, Liang-cheng
Michael Rice
Game of Thrones
Jacisin Marek
Earthenware Ferrari
Ann Van Hoey
Vinyl I
Agnes Siew Gek, Lim
Murata Aya
Freak Show
Ianina Myronova
Customized body
Kim MinJoo
Septet B_W_G_O
Lea Georg
The remaining things
Lim JiHyun
The Age of Disintegration
Lin, Shih-chih
Spiritual Life
Chen, Chih-chiang
Michal Fargo
The Flower of the Netherworld
Lin, Po-yu
Maja Padrov
Renata Cassiano
Ikake Sayuri
Indistinctive Voice
Jiang, Shao-qing
Wishing well
Nikola Knezevic
The Seven Chapters of Time Drawing
Chen, Hsio-shu
Objects of Life
Yu, cheng-chung
Wu, Tong
Musical Threesome
Vilma Villaverde
Look What They Have Done To My Brother, The Tree.
Ana Maria Asan
Frozen water
Jeong, HoJeong
Xie, Jia-hen
Silent Shock
Peng, Ya-Mei.
Form in form
Chan, Chi-man
Andou Chitose
Running Script, The Intertwining Lust of Real and Virtual
Ho, Chun-ting
Polygonal compositio
Johnathan Hopp
The honoured guest
Kris Coad
Tumbling Clouds
Wang, Yun-de
Eva Pelechová
Land of Peace
Huang, Min-cheng
Real. Leather Purse
Lian, Yu-pei
Revealing the Forest within the Creases
Lin, Hsiu-Niang
Wang, Yi-ting
Arbol de Violencia Series #7
Daisy Quezada
Table on the floor
Su, Shu-mei
Brad Taylor
Industry & Surrounds
Sarah Lindley
Mass (Inner Series)
Nurdian Ichsan
The Mold of Time
Hu, Huai-ching
Wei, Tzu-yun
Display of Capsules
Teo Huey Min
The Remains of the Body
Lee, Tai-jung
Status of Happiness Accumulation
Chen, Wei-chu
Travis Donovan
Ghost still life # 2
Antonella Cimatti
Skyline of My City
Young, Tzy-yi
Ivan Albreht
Irina Razumovskaya
New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum 3F Exhibition Room