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2023 International Coffee Cup Competition

Cover-2023 International Coffee Cup Competition

2023 International Coffee Cup Competition

What kind of sparks will be created when a timeless material meets a widely loved drink? Promoting the aesthetics of everyday life and encouraging the craftsmanship of practical ceramics, the museum continues to hold the “International Coffee Cup Competition”. With the delicate ceramic decoration around corners, the event is held in the hope of adding a bit of spice to our busy lives, providing a little window for people to pause, and discover the beauty the craftsmen have to offer. The competition centers on “coffee cups”. Coffee cups not only connect coffee and ceramics but also the memories of modern people. Regardless of origins, everyone shares the soothing memory of sipping from a warm mug on a rainy day. Aside from embracing the enriched flavor and aroma of the exciting drink, drinking coffee is also the perfect moment to appreciate the appearance and feel the weight of the well-designed ware, turning the already delightful process into a cloud nine experience.

Held for the fourth time, the “International Coffee Cup Competition” has attracted more and more attention around the world. This year, 163 participants from 29 countries across the globe came to attend this ceramic fiesta, condensing the diverse landscapes and cultures of each country into small coffee cups, the competition showcases the rich diversity of coffee culture. Through coffee, a universal language, gradually allows the world to see Taiwan. The museum has invited specialists from various fields to judge the submitted works on their aesthetics, practical value, and design concepts. 46 unique ceramic coffee cups from 16 nations are selected and will be exhibited in the museum.

We hope that the competition can promote the use of practical wares, and portray a different everyday life with the color of ceramics.
  • Date:2023/05
  • Publisher:New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
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