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About the Exhibition

As it was first organized by Yingge Ceramics Museum in 2004, Taiwan Ceramics Biennale offers curatorial exhibition or artist competition in biannual years. And since then, Yingge Ceramics Museum has featured countless superb ceramic artworks in Taiwan. Through the Biennale exhibition we have encouraged the cooperation of international ceramic society as well as expand the depth and insight of ceramics art creativities in Taiwan .
For the exhibition 2018, we have invited Taiwanese IAC member Ms. Ting-Ju Shao to be the curator. The theme for this year is “Humanistic Return: The Spiritual Origin of Ceramic Art” showcase from the original link between human and earth, and explore the possibilities between humanistic creation and time. The aim of this exhibition is to build a conversation between Asian ceramics art and culture from the perspective of Taiwan. In addition, the Biennale exhibition will highlight the cooperation with important ceramics museums in Asia.
The 2018 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale will exhibit approximately 70 to 80 artworks from more than 40 international ceramic artists. The exhibition will provide opportunities for artists not only to exhibit but experience artists-in-residency program in our museum. Besides, we will invite senior curators, Taiwan ceramics researchers and ceramic artists to share their experiences in various workshops and lectures. In hopes that this year Biennale 2018 will display a profound aspect of Taiwan culture to the ceramic artists and the people from all over the world.
Ting-Ju Shao
Ting-Ju Shao
Creative ceramic art, Art Critic, NGO official partner of UNESCO : International Academy of Ceramics member(2001-), International Invited Jury, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum committee consultant (2000-) 2016 Focuse Vessel International ceramic competition, Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Germany. (Jury) 2016 "Taiwan 2016 Ceramics Biennale", New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum (Jury) 2015 and 2013 "Cluj International Ceramics Biennale” in Romania (Jury) 2004 "The Jerome Artist Project Grants”, McKnight Foundation, MN, U.S.A. (Jury)


Ting-Ju Shao was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1963. She has immersed herself in creative ceramic art for 33 years. Shao’s works have been displayed in 103 selected exhibitions and 15 solo exhibitions in the following locations:
Europe: Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Greece, England, Croatia, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Austria, Romania, Turkey, etc
Asia: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, etc.
American : U.S.A., Canada, Argentina
New Zealand, Australia


Since 1998, she has written articles for “New Ceramics” in Germany, "Ceramic Art" , “Taiwan Craft” in Taiwan , “The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Quarterly” in Japan , “Ceramics Art and Perception" in Australia and over 100 articles have been published. New Ceramics “Artist Journal” columnist at present in Germany.


  • 2018 The book “Molding The World-Ceramic Figures of International Ceramists” interviews with Japanese Ceramic Artists Yoshitomo Nara, Shin FUJIHIRA, Mexico Sculptor Javier Marin, American Ceramic Artists Akio Takamori and Tip Toland , published by Artist-Magazine.
  • 2011 The book “Ceramic Vision – Interviews with 20 Japanese Ceramic Artists”, published by Artist-Magazine.
  • 2003 “Ting-Ju Shao”, published by New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum.


  • 33 pieces of work have been collected by museums or foundations abroad, 10 pieces of work have been collected by museums in Taiwan.


3F Special Exhibition Rooms