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2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale

2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale
The "Taiwan Ceramics Biennale" is the only large international ceramic art exhibition held in Taiwan. Since it was first organized by Yingge Ceramics Museum in 2004, the biennale has done much to introduce the people of Taiwan to the very latest contemporary ceramic art work. At the same time, the event also enables us to invite international ceramic artists to Taiwan where they can learn more about Taiwanese ceramic art culture. Over many years of hard work the "Taiwan Ceramics Biennale" has excelled at bringing together Taiwanese and international ceramic artists. The 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale selects works to be exhibited at the biennale through a competitive format. In addition to the competition element of the biennale, Yingge Ceramics Museum also presents an exhibition that focuses on the meaning the 111 artists convey through their works. To that end, it is our hope that dividing the pieces into one central theme and four sub-themes will enable visitors to better understand and appreciate the works.
Ceramic Visions
The word "manifestation" (象) refers to the appearance of an object. It also alludes to the creative process in which an artist combines a tangible exterior with intangible ideas. The nominated works for this exhibition can be divided into four broad categories: Physical Manifestation - the pursuit of external beauty; Mental Manifestation - uncovering inner feelings and emotions; Environmental Manifestation - a narrative record of the contemporary social environment; Existential Manifestation - a discussion of change and uncertainty in time and space.
"Observation" (觀象) suggests the existence of different interpretative viewpoints. Although an artist's work is infused with his or her own point of view, when seen by a third party, the power of interpretation is transferred to the viewer. The result is often an altogether different understanding. In this sense, a work of art is like a mirror, because it reflects the life experience and inner world of the observer. At the same time, the process of viewing art also forces the observer to reconsider the relationships between objects and their meaning. The result is a dialogue with the artist that can lead to even more creative sparks.
"Manifestation" and "observation" are elements in an ongoing dialectical discourse between artist and viewer. It is through this dynamic process that we have crafted a ceramic vision that is highly diverse in nature. The 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale encourages viewers to embrace their own interpretations of the works on display. Within an arena in which there are no limits to exchange, the biennale showcases a very modern vision of ceramic art.
The exhibition theme and categories were chosen to help viewers better appreciate and understand the art works on display. However, although categorization can be useful as a rough guide it also places artificial limits around artistic creation, so it is important to recognize that the four manifestations adopted at the biennale offer visitors nothing more than a place to start their exploration of ceramic art. Ultimately, how an individual interprets or feels about a work of art is determined at a personal level and that is the spirit that underpins this exhibition. The 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale invited four art critics to evaluate works in the four designated categories, believing that different perspectives would ensure an exhibition as rich and diverse in ideas and opinions as art.
2012 6/30~11/4